How to Sweat-Proof Your Wedding Day!

How to Sweat-Proof Your Wedding Day!

“I love sweat stains on my beautiful wedding gown,” said no bride, ever! Whether it’s rising temperatures, living in a warm, humid climate, or pure nerves, excessive sweating can spoil anyone’s walk down the aisle. While fans and deodorants can certainly help to keep you dry, many brides are opting for more effective treatments to prevent sweat disasters on their big day.

There are several options to sweat-proof your biggest day. One option is Botox, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. About 365 million people worldwide suffer from this condition, according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society. 

Botox is also great for people without a medical condition like hyperhidrosis. We use Botox in our practice to treat general underarm sweating as well. Small drops are injected throughout the entire underarm area to prevent the sweat glands from releasing perspiration.

We often get asked, “Don’t I need to sweat?” Underarm sweating accounts for only 2% of overall sweating. We promise, you won’t miss it! Underarm Botox lasts about six to nine months and costs $1,300 per treatment. We often see brides who have never had Botox come in for their first treatment before their wedding. They want to ensure that they have extra protection for their magical day. 

Have you heard of Blotox? This is one of my favorite procedures to perform for both the bride and the mother of the bride! Botox is injected into the scalp to help extend the life of blowouts and hairstyling by reducing sweating on the scalp. It prevents makeup from running and extends the life of your very expensive hairstyle so that you can look picture-perfect all day. (Botox is used off-label in this instance; it is not F.D.A. approved for scalp use.) A lot of brides love it because it makes their hair look perfect—not just for the wedding, but for the honeymoon and beyond.

But let’s not forget about the nervous grooms! Botox in the hands, while painful, is incredibly effective in treating sweaty palms. He will be able to shake the hands of every guest with confidence! Brotox (Botox for fine lines and wrinkles in men) is also gaining popularity. 

Some brides and grooms prefer a more permanent solution for underarm sweating. miraDry is a noninvasive, permanent treatment using microwave technology, and it is F.D.A. approved to destroy underarm odor glands and sweat glands. It is also F.D.A approved for underarm hair reduction. miraDry is the only treatment that can dramatically reduce underarm sweat (up to 85%) by addressing the cause of excessive sweat, and not just the symptoms. This treatment has an immediate effect and is non-surgical in nature. A single session is often enough; however, depending on the degree of sweating, some patients may require two treatments. Treatment starts at $1850.

miraDry is completely safe to use for all skin types. While some swelling and tenderness may occur, the side-effects are minimal. We recommend that miraDry patients cease workouts for at least one week following the appointment. 

Need help getting ready for your big day? Let our staff at Cahaba Dermatology assist you with your preparation!

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